EV Energy Partners, L.P.: Historical Earnings Bounce (EVEP)

Article created on: 2013-11-17

EVEP could move 0 % in the 3 days after announcing earnings.

Stocks bounce (or drop) after earnings announcements. This article shows how much the stock price of EV Energy Partners, L.P. reacts during earnings season. Stock prices are at their most volatile around earnings announcements, but frequently they revert back to their mean, or simply continue the trend prior to earnings. The past can inform the present and the charts and tables contained herein measure the moves one might expect around earnings announcements.

Use the table and the charts to observe just how much the stock price moves during earnings season. This will help you gauge the real risk and impact of an earnings surprise. This kind of information is critical for hedging and certain option strategies. Observe how long the earnings surprise lasts and how quickly ( or if ) prices revert. While the initial price move after earnings can be significant, prices often mean-revert or merely continue the previous trend.

Each price chart is centered on the announcement day for the stock. It displays an equal number of days on both sides of the announcement date. The cross on the chart highlights the closing stock price on the day of the earnings announcement. The percentage numbers are measured as the highest high and lowest low from that closing price within a short time frame after the earnings are announced.

The table measures the maximum or extreme price move within two different time frames after the earnings announcement. These time frame are slighly shorter than the time frames depicted in the charts.

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Announcement Date Max Price Move: 3 days Max Price Move: 10 days
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